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Sweep ~ Landskip

14 April until 26 August, 2018


Jenna Burchell | Luke Burton | Jodie Carey |

Edward Chell | Derek Jarman |Marte Johnslien |

Peter Joseph | Herman Lohe |James Roseveare |

Tom Scase|Richard Stone | Hanae Utamura |


Curated by Roberto Ekholm | EKCO Projects

Sweep~Landskip, an exhibition of 12 international artists whose works use landscape as a concept. Within their ideas, we can find a sense of timelessness, abstraction, figuration and a mapping of its physical origins, and a cultural overlay of human presence. Traces of humanity appear where nature becomes landscape and bodies perceive external stimuli.

Landscapes are culture before they are nature; constructs of the imagination projected onto wood and water and rock”, Simon Schama

The artists in Sweep~Landskip question and explore our relation to nature and landscape through paintings, land art, installations, sculptures and new technology. Sweeping of colours, mark making, earth casts and sound, their works evoke our senses. In a process of time, they allow nature to shape and form the works and they investigate the political and economics of the land. Reminding us that the landscape is shaped by our presence in nature. Many of the artworks comment on the relation between natural events and the man-made. Over time natural and man-made events evolve into one another, fusing nature with our own presence. The topography by artists places us at the core of nature.


For us to truly appreciate and to be able to see nature the artists mediate nature into landscapes. They make us experience nature as landscape.


“There had been no fog in London before Whistler had painted it”, Oscar Wilde

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