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Extended until 10 January 2016 

by appointments.

EKCO is hosting an art salon in a domestic setting at Paddington Green. The exhibition is curated by Roberto Ekholm and will feature 23 artists from London, Berlin, Norway and Zurich.


Contact for available works.   Items can be shipped outside London/UK


Annie Attridge | Helen Barff | Ingrid Berthon-Moine | Jan Kjetil Bjørheim | Cecile Emmanuelle Borra | Edward Chell | Paul Coombs | Elizabeth Croft | Sofia Dahlgren | Roberto Ekholm | Simon English | Pablo Padilla Jargstorf | Sally Kindberg | Paul Kindersley | Alana Lake | Andrew Logan | Carol Marin-Pache | Sara Masüger | Gorka Mohammed | Michael Petry | Nicole Polonsky | Anna Ricciardi | Ryan Riddington 

Sponsored by La Fromagerie
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