EKCO London Writing and Publications

EKCO London designs and produces exhibitions catalogues and supporting texts, working closely in line with our client's individual needs. Each catalogue is tailor-made to enhance and elevate the themes and ideas of the project to which it is attached.​

View and download digital versions below.

Remi Rough
MOCA London, 2018
MOCA Autumn Performance Programme
Benjamin Tassie
David Blackmore
Bareback Museum
Roberto Ekholm
MOCA London, 2018
Janne Malmros
MOCA London, 2018
Sue Arrowsmith and Mathew Weir
MOCA London, 2018
Simon English & Helena Goldwater
gut flora
MOCA London, 2018
Guillaume Paris
In Camera (No Exit)
MOCA London, 2017
Paul Abbott & Alex Roberts
What Hat am I Wearing Today?
MOCA London, 2017
Quilla Constance
Transcending the Signified
MOCA London, 2017
Rough to Smooth
Freemason's Hall, 2017
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