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EKCO Projects represents the creative curatorial practice of Roberto Ekholm. Officially coming to fruition in 2011, EKCO is home to ideas, exhibitions, publications and events.


Roberto Ekholm is first and foremost an artist and curator. He has  a background in professional dance and choreography, and many years of experience working within both commercial galleries such as Kristin Hjellegjerde,  Guildhall Art Gallery, KINOKINO Kunsthall, and diverse artistic spaces. 


Robert Ekholm is the curator at EKCO projects and MOCA London.



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Norway EKholm.jpg

Works by Gabriel Orozco, Alexander James,  Museum Clausum, Miho Sato and Alina Szapocznikow.Photo: National Museum Wroclaw


Guildhall Art Gallery London, Four domes Pavilion National Museum Wroclaw, Kinokino, Norway, Garborg Centre, Norway  Hå Gamle Prestegard, Norway, Bukowski Stockholm, Bohusläns Museum, Sweden, MOCA London, Clifford Chance, Blain/Southern, Thames & Hudson and Ziad Alonaizy Architectural Interior Designer and Bondy Consulting.

Photo: Artvanz, Stavanger

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