Roberto Ekholm, Handle

Roberto Ekholm, Handle



Chrome doorknob, screws and sealed fingerprint

Edition of 30

The artist fingerprint is sealed onto the surface of the doorknob. Each piece is unique and acts as a portrait of the artist. The chrome surface reflects the surrounding. The impression left by the friction ridges of the artist's finger acts a filter on the mirrored image of the viewer. Handle edition is part of Ekholm's Performative and research works about the political body, epidemics and Identity. It was first shown at the performance exhibition Patient Zero & Cousin Mosquito: Panopticism of Seduction at MOCA London, October 2018.


Roberto Ekholm’s work includes sculpture, performances, and photography. His work draws on a fusion between science, pseudoscience, believes system around identity and cultural references. He plays on ideas around what he calls “commodity of survival”; the tenuous boundaries between life and death and the value of survival as a commodity.


MOCA London Performance catalogue 2018


Roberto Ekholm is featured in The new Thames and Hudson publication:

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