Museum Clausum, Head

Museum Clausum, Head



C-type print from digital photomontage,

face mounted on glass, ready to hang.

100 cm x 70 cm

Edition of 3 + 2 AP

Museum Clausum/Klaus Wehner: Body & Soul
Under the umbrella title Body & Soul, this image series reflects on the age-old issue that is the human awareness of the fragility of the body and the concept of the separation between ‘body’ and ‘spirit’. Reminiscent of precariously balanced human pyramids the images shows structures that remind on reliquary monstrances (latin: 'monstrare - to show): objects that are made to preserve and display body parts – which are believed to bridge an access to the world beyond our physical world.

The images are digital photomontages that are made from a mixture of found and purpose made photographs of bodies, in the former case mostly sourced from the contemporary flood of internet material of nudity in all forms.


In all cases the images present a reflection on the mind-body separation: Beguiling kaleidoscopical shapes and artfully balanced shrine-like structures represent a somewhat absurd spiritual imagery of transient beauty and wholeness, whose ‘building stones’ nevertheless are corporeal fragments shown in a moment of an unsteady balance – that may collapse at any time.


HEAD was part of the touring exhibition Nature Morte

Four Domes Pavilion, Wroclaw

Guildhall Art Gallery, London


Museum Clausum work is featured in the Thames and Hudson Publication Nature Morte Contemporary Artists Reinvigorate the Still Life by Michael Petry