Monika Oechsler, Elegie

Monika Oechsler, Elegie



Neon, unique

62 x 76 cm

The neon work pays homage to the haunting beauty and allusive power of Patti Smith’s song Elegie. Remembrance of friends gone pervades the lyrics and recollection takes the form of embodied experience. The image created by the words conveys the visceral act of recollection and the bodily traces left by that which has past. “And my skin emits a ray, but I think it's sad....” expresses both pleasure and loss and evokes a sense of deep inner experience. The neon work takes the metaphor of light as a source of illumination and the hand written text emphasizes memory as personal and subjective. The individual words are arranged in the form of a concrete poem and together they create an image of light.