Monika Oechsler, Missing Mountain Flag

Monika Oechsler, Missing Mountain Flag



Digital print on silk fabric including stainless steel flag pole

100 x 200 cm

Edition of 5 + 2AP


The flag pays homage to Elidir Fawr, a mountain situated on the edge of Snowdonia near Dinorwic, which was the site of the second largest slate quarry in North Wales. Part of a body of work, the flag was developed during a collaborative exploration into the post-industrial landscape of North Wales and issues relating to the Anthropocene. Marked by massive excavation pits the mountain and its exposed sheer rock face has become a favourite with rock climbers. Yet the removal of slate has not only hollowed out the mountain but also dramatically reshaped its contours, man made hills of displaced material bear witness to the manual labour of slate processing. The flag shows a semi-abstracted image of one of these mountainous slate tips together with a number of embedded artefacts which occurred in the digital processing of the image.