Miho Sato, Ball

Miho Sato, Ball



Arcylic on board

57 x 53 cm


Miho Sato collects images from magazines, the internet, and other media sources. These archived images are then reworked and renewed as the basis of a painting Sato's works is situated between the material image and memory, resulting in layers of meaning that are often connected to childhood feelings.


Sato is drawn to images that are both attractive and odd, acting as a cypher for her imagination. Cartoons, killer whales, Richard Gere as the American gigolo looking at himself in the mirror and David Bowie all become symbols of fascination. She draws inspiration from Thomas Gainsborough and Joshua Reynolds and their use of children and animals in their paintings. As a child she received a calendar with these artists and their influence has stayed with her ever since. Sato's reading of these sources are unique to her interpretations and there is a palpable ambiguity in her works.


Her work is featured in the Thames and Hudson publication Nature Morte Contemporary Artists Reinvigorate the Still Life by Michael Petry


The touring exhibition Nature Morte

Four Domes Pavilion, Wroclaw

Guildhall Art Gallery, London