Michael Petry, Libation to Eros

Michael Petry, Libation to Eros



Sterling silver

5 x 1 cm


Petry has made a series of arrow pins in sterling silver and gold. Some have different colours of patination (black, bronze, verdigris) and in limited editions., however they are all called Libation to Eros and refer to his performance art work of that name where he fires real arrows into a prepared wall while telling the story of Eros – the god of love.



The pins relate to his larger canvas works where he suspends bladders of paint in front of the white canvases and then fired arrows into them, bursting the paint onto the surface. The paintings are at once a document of the action of their creation as well as painterly objects in themselves that speak to a history of painting. The canvas surface is punctured as in Luciano Fontana’s Spatialism works from the early 1960’s. However rather than using a razor to slash the surface or a sharped tool to puncture it, Petry defers to chance like Cage and also references Duchamp. How the bladder will explode, how the paint will run into other bursts, simply happens, only the colour and placement of the bladders is under Petry’s control, and of course the accuracy of his shot.