Maria Chevska, Notes on Saint’s Hair (vii)

Maria Chevska, Notes on Saint’s Hair (vii)



oil paint on linen

31 cm x 26cm

The abstracted and painterly images are drawing on the gestures and signs within (religious) Icons, and (political) propaganda, that share worlds of intended power structures – over-familiar, seductive, and alien.

The different series of works titled Notes on Saint’s Hair – focus on precisely that, in its rich and various imaginings.


Her visual practice is mainly painting, but it also continues to incorporate her sculpture, and installation - often engaging specifically with works of poetry, language, and selected writers, that guide her works to connect and exist in dialogue with philosophy, memory, social history, and contemporaneity. In their physical making her artworks emerge through the intersection of idea, material, gesture, and process, - while working with a fluid and provisional relationship between the paintings and objects that will find a completion through the role of the viewer’s participation and reception of the works.


Significant projects since the early ‘90s include collaborations with artists, and writers leading to numerous publications; a monograph ‘Vera’s Room, the Art of Maria Chevska’ was published by Black Dog in 2005. Solo exhibitions have taken place in the UK, Finland, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, England, and America.


Maria Chevska's work is featured in the newly published Thames and Hudson publication The WORD is Art by Michael Petry