Edward Chell, Motorway Intersection M2 Westbound 13

Edward Chell, Motorway Intersection M2 Westbound 13


Oil on Shellac on Linen
180 x 140 cm

Edward Chell explores through painting and other media, ideas of taste,
consumption and display in relation to ecology.


The three paintings of the M2 Motorway in Kent depict the vegetation and plant life along its edges. These motorway landscape paintings or
‘motorscapes’ place a lens over the fugitive landscapes these plants inhabit, as we routinely speed by travelling between different compartments of our largely urban lives or rushing home from country breaks. Chell’s works merge commerce, tourism and ecology, juxtaposing our impact on natural environments with the visual tropes of its appreciation. He makes no differentiation between weeds (wildflowers) and exquisite flowers but allows us to see beauty in the overseen and to rethink our own impacts on nature and the landscapes we desire.


Sweep~Landskip exhibtion in Norway film by Laura Bushell