Monika Oechsler, Missing Mountain Maps II

Monika Oechsler, Missing Mountain Maps II



Series of four digital archival prints including custom oak hanging rails

90 x 100 cm

Edition of 5 + 2AP


These situated and contextual maps are part of a body of work which was developed during a collaborative investigation into the post-industrial landscape of North Wales and issues relating to the Anthropocene. The images for the maps were taken from various sites of the Dinorwic Quarry near Llanberis which is the second largest slate quarry in North Wales.

The geo-location of the quarry is Elidir Fawr, a mountain that is marked by massive excavation pits. Some of the oldest and deepest pits, like Australia, Tasmania, Wellington and Serengeti were named by the original miners. Later, other names were added for previously unnamed pits by rock climbers who use the sheer cliff faces formed by mining explosions as their training ground.